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Program Highlight: Updating Training Curriculums

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The CornerHouse Training Program is excited to announce that we are updating several training curriculums. CornerHouse began this process for several important reasons. First, updates help each training stay up to date on scholarly research and best practices in the field. As the field of forensic interviewing, child development, and related topics grow, CornerHouse revises our bibliographies, required readings, and discussions of best practice. Second, we incorporate contemporary adult learning research into the training structure, allowing training to meet the needs of learners. Adult learning theory informs all aspects of the training—from the structure of activities to evaluating competency to the number of breaks build into the schedule. Finally, we collect the feedback from the learners and use it to improve the training. Every training includes an evaluation, and CornerHouse analyzes the feedback for trends to ensure the training meets the needs of those who attend. Every few years we revisit the curriculums of trainings and make all necessary updates.

CornerHouse is now in the process of updating three trainings: Advanced Forensic Interview Training, MultiSession Interview Training, and the CornerHouse Briefing: Pursuing Justice Together. The first step in this process is the revision of the reference and reading lists. We are also working to include more interactive activities and role plays into our training, which has been shown to improve understanding and retention. Consistent feedback from our learners tells us to include more videos in the training. As a result, we are working to find, edit and incorporate more videos into the training. We are also transitioning to a new online classroom. This new classroom has 24-hour technical assistance available and expanded quiz, survey, and gamification options. This new platform will allow us to improve the online classroom experience and provide more resources for learners. CornerHouse is excited to be working on improving our training, providing the best possible educational services for our partners.

The next CornerHouse Briefing will be held on September 5, 2019. Find out more and register here:

The next Advanced Forensic Interview Training will be held on September 17-19, 2019.  Find out more information and register here:

The next MultiSession Interview Training will be held on November 12-13, 2019.  Find out more information and sign up here:


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