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Let's Dance

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance is a festive, annual Gala fundraiser for CornerHouse. The event includes a dance-off between local celebrities who are paired with professional dancers from local dance studios, where the couples compete for votes. The teams rehearse dance numbers to prepare for their big debut, but are not allowed to spend more than 12 hours practicing.

Audience participation makes the event very exciting as a part of the score is based on the number of votes purchased for each dancer. Voting can be done leading up to the event and during the event; each vote is a monetary donation. Local judges also have a say in the final winner of the event; combining their scores with the number of votes.

The evening kicks off with cocktails, followed by a gourmet dinner, and then the friendly dancing competition starts which inspires the audience/guests to get out on the dance floor themselves to kick up their heels. The annual Let’s Dance Gala is a fundraiser for CornerHouse to help ensure that the voices of children and adolescents continue to be heard.

Pictured above are the dance pairs from the 6th Annual Let's Dance: Ryan Bynum & Bonnie Inveen, Jacob Frey & Grace Peterson, Shane Haggerty & Jessica Miles, and Cathy Wurzer & Chris Kempainen.

2015 Gala Photos.
let's dance photo 2015-1 let's dance photo 2015-2 let's dance photo 2015-3 let's dance photo 2015-4 let's dance photo 2015-5
2014 Gala Photos.
let's dance photo 2014-1 let's dance photo 2014-2 let's dance photo 2014-3 let's dance photo 2014-4