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Referral and Intake

CornerHouse Referral and Intake

CornerHouse accepts referrals from law enforcement and child/adult protection investigators who are actively investigating an allegation of abuse to a child, adolescent, or vulnerable adult. If you are not an investigator but have concerns about an individual, please see our Report Abuse information page.

A law enforcement or child/adult protection investigator may refer any individual from 2 years, 8 months old through age 17 or a vulnerable adult who is thought to be a victim of neglect, physical or sexual abuse, or who may have witnessed a violent crime.

CornerHouse’s primary service area is Hennepin County; however, referrals from investigators in greater Minnesota are accepted on a fee-for-service basis. Under certain circumstances, CornerHouse may be able to assist with out-of-state investigations if the alleged victim is currently located in Minnesota. CornerHouse interviews alleged victims and witnesses only; we do not interview suspects of any age. Alleged perpetrators cannot transport clients or be present at CornerHouse during an interview.

Forensic interviews may explore allegations of:

At intake, CornerHouse staff will work with the referring investigator to assess the individual’s safety and other factors. Under certain circumstances, a screening (limited, preliminary questioning by investigators) may be recommended prior to intake.

Very young children and individuals with special needs may qualify for CornerHouse’s MultiSession interview process. A MultiSession interview typically includes an initial telephone call with a caregiver to discuss the individual’s communication skills and developmental abilities, and either one or two interview sessions.

Referrals may be made for in-house Forensic Medical Examinations as deemed appropriate.

To Make a Referral for a Forensic Interview

Please call 612-813-8300 during regular business hours and ask for Intake Staff. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Summary of allegation, including the exact words of the individual’s disclosure if possible
  • Demographic and contact information for all people involved
  • Information about the individual’s language and any special needs
  • Information about the caregivers’ language and any special needs
  • Contextual information about the individual’s safety and current situation
  • Information from any medical exams conducted prior to the interview
  • Case numbers and names of all professionals assigned
  • Information regarding any previous interviews or conversations the individual may have had about the allegation
  • Billing information for non-contract/out of county referrals

Typically, interviews are scheduled within three working days after completion of the intake. For cases that meet CornerHouse’s emergency criteria, it is usually possible to schedule the interview within 24 hours. Please contact CornerHouse to determine whether your case meets emergency criteria.

For cases that meet CornerHouse’s emergency criteria, it may also be possible to assemble an interviewing team after hours or on weekends. In these instances, investigators should consult the CornerHouse Emergency Contact Card located in their department for emergency contact numbers.

Investigators can share this “Welcome to CornerHouse” information sheet with families prior to the forensic interview appointment.

Welcome To CornerHouse - English

Welcome To CornerHouse - Hmong

Welcome To CornerHouse - Somali

Welcome To CornerHouse - Spanish


The passage of MN Statute §145.4716 SAFE HARBOR FOR SEXUALLY EXPLOITED YOUTH, has allowed CornerHouse to specifically recognize sexually exploited youth as alleged victims who are eligible for our services. At the request of investigators, CornerHouse practices may be modified to meet the needs of these youth and our partners.


All new multidisciplinary team members are welcome to attend a CornerHouse Briefing: Pursuing Justice Together education program. CornerHouse Briefings are free and offered every quarter. Post Board credits are approved for law enforcement! Click here for more information.

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