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CornerHouse has a continuous commitment to meaningful dialogue on practice and research issues in the field of forensic interviewing, specifically as it relates to serving children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults. The CornerHouse series, Reflections on Emerging Issues, includes insights and perspectives on the field of forensic interviewing. Our hope is that these Reflections will encourage conversation and continue to move our field forward using best practices.

Reflections on Emerging Issues are shared with CornerHouse email list members as soon as they are available.

CornerHouse’s currently published Reflections:

Gender Identification Reflections, Lukas Miller, A., 2018

Role of CACs in Sexual Exploitation Investigations, Seger, N., 2014

Developmental Expectations, Stauffer, J., 2014

Forensic Use of Anatomical Dolls, Lukas Miller, A., 2018

Orienting Messages, Stauffer, J. & Maples, M., 2018

Tell Me Everything, Seger, N., 2018

Forensic Use of Anatomical Diagrams, Maples, M., 2012

Externally Derived Information, Hayes, J. and Weigman, J., 2018