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You Can Help Break the Cycle of Abuse

Stay Calm

Call Law Enforcement.

If possible, for the location where the abuse may have occurred.

Minnesota Law Enforcement Agencies

Call Child Protection.

If possible, for the location where the child lives.

Minnesota Child Protection Agencies
National Child Protection Agencies

If you aren’t sure who to call.

ChildHelp USA has crisis counselors available to help 24/7 on their National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453

How do I know if a child is being abused?

Children experiencing sexual abuse may not be able to show or tell us that something is wrong. When children do exhibit signs that there is a problem, it could be that it’s something else and not abuse at all. It is important to talk to a child when we have concerns, let them know it’s okay to talk to us and keep the door open for the future in case the child just isn’t ready to tell what is going on.

What else can I do?

Once a report is made, you may feel anxious and worried about the child. Also, when you have concerns about a child but your report is not accepted or the child does not tell you what is going on, it can feel frustrating and scary. For many children, disclosure of abuse is a process and they need time to build trust before they will feel comfortable telling you about their experience. Regardless of the status of the investigation, we recommend that you do not repeatedly question a child about abuse but rather maintain a supportive relationship and make sure the child knows you care and are there to listen.

For additional resources for parents and caregivers, please click here.

Am I a Mandated Reporter?

If you work with children and families, you are in a key position to help protect children from harm. Minnesota law, and the laws of many other states, requires people whose work involves the care of children to make a report if they know of or have reason to believe a child is being abused or neglected.

In Minnesota, Mandated Reporters include individuals who work in the following fields:

Download the PDF “Tips for Reporting Child Abuse” for more information
tip sheet report abuse

For more information about Mandated Reporting in the State of Minnesota see: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: A Resource Guide for Mandated Reporters and An Interactive Informational Guide for Mandated Reporting.

For additional information or if you are outside of Minnesota visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

CornerHouse is happy to provide free presentations on a wide variety of topics, including mandated reporting, to the general public and organizations upon request. Please contact the Forensic Services Director at 612-813-8337 for more information.