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As part of the CornerHouse strategic plan, CornerHouse has set a goal of advancing the field of forensic interviewing by establishing a Research Center. Participation in academic research assures that the CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol™ continues to evolve and innovate, provides evidence for the Protocol’s effectiveness, and is necessary given CornerHouse’s position as a leading forensic interview model taught worldwide.

In partnership with the University of Minnesota, CornerHouse is currently engaged in multiple program evaluation and research activities, including projects assessing the impact of various aspects of our Protocol and training program.

CornerHouse’s currently published research includes:

The Use of Anatomical Dolls as a Demonstration Aid in Child Sexual Abuse Interviews: A Study of Forensic Interviewers’ Perceptions

The Influence of Narrative Practice Techniques on Child Behaviors in Forensic Interviews

“I Only Want to Know What You Know”: The Use of Orienting Messages During Forensic Interviews and Their Effects on Child Behavior

The Continuum of Disclosure: Exploring Factors Predicting Tentative Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations During Forensic Interviews and the Implications for Practice, Policy, and Future Research