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Training Overview

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CornerHouse is “Training the World to Listen.” CornerHouse is your best resource for learning and understanding forensic interviewing, collecting minimal facts, mandated reporting, and beyond.

For more than 20 years, CornerHouse has provided world-class training to nearly 33,000 professionals from every Minnesota county; every state in the United States; and in 20 foreign countries.

Why choose CornerHouse for your training?

CornerHouse has 25 years of experience conducting forensic interviews and working with children, youth and vulnerable adults who have experienced trauma.

Is CornerHouse training right for you?

CornerHouse training is designed for many professionals including educators and day care workers to active members of a multidisciplinary teams who respond to child abuse including: forensic interviewers, child/adult protection workers, tribal social service investigators, law enforcement officers, and prosecuting attorneys.

Who benefits and why?

Children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults benefit most from the training provided by CornerHouse. The child is our first priority.

Confident professionals with the skills to handle difficult situations, such as forensic interviewing and mandated reporting, help end abuse. This benefits the entire community and generations of vulnerable children and adolescents. Communities with well-trained multidisciplinary professionals conduct more effective investigations and those investigations are more likely to result in a just process for all involved.

Training Options

CornerHouse offers a variety of specialized training classes. Click below to find out which class is right for you.

CornerHouse Briefing: Pursuing Justice Together
Basic Forensic Interview Training
On-Site Basic Forensic Interview Training
Advanced Forensic Interview Training
Collecting Minimal Facts Training
Vulnerable Adult Interview Training-NEW
Customized Training and Consultation

Training Policies

CornerHouse’s Training Policies

Scholarships Available!

Do you work in Minnesota? You may be eligible to apply for a scholarship to our upcoming trainings! For more information, contact the Training Program Manager at 612-813-8310.

Reprinting Graduation Certificates

Reprinting or replacing a graduation certificate is subject to a $25 fee. To order a reprinted certifcate, click on the "Add to Cart" button below.

CornerHouse has a great reputation in the industry and is highly recommended by learners.

What Our Learners Are Saying About CornerHouse Training

“CornerHouse’s training has revolutionized my understanding of how children disclose, and the considerations in performing interviews. After this training I will participate in our MDT with confidence.”

“Trainers were easy to approach. The learning was relaxed and the groups were small enough to allow for interaction.”

“Sharing experiences, role playing exercises, and watching videos of real interviews were very helpful during the training.”

“Knowing the development of children at different ages has given me insight into how to talk with them; I will approach the interviews differently based on my new understanding of childhood development.”

“This training taught me to remember to remain neutral and try to get away from the police-structured interrogation format to a more people-centered, non-biased interview structure. It will change how I conduct interviews for everyone, not just children.”

2019 Training Opportunities