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Volunteer or Intern at CornerHouse

Volunteers and interns are a very important part of our organization. CornerHouse’s volunteers help fulfill the mission—to listen and offer hope and healing to those silenced by trauma and violence. You can make a difference in the community by becoming an integral part of the important work that we do.

Volunteering or interning at CornerHouse provides an opportunity to work directly with a small group of dedicated professional staff that is willing to make your volunteer/intern experience rewarding, educational, and hands-on. Whether it’s working directly with children and caregivers or helping with “behind the scenes” projects, your time and talents will be put to good use at CornerHouse.

Volunteers and interns can perform a variety of tasks depending on personal interests and skills and CornerHouse’s needs.

The Volunteer and Internship programs at CornerHouse support all aspects of the organization.  Our current needs are:

Complete and submit your volunteer application today!

Click the link here and save or download the pdf file to your computer. You can then open the PDF and fill in the form fields of the pdf. Upon completion, click "send" and you will automatically be prompted to send the application via email. Please attach a copy of your resume as well. Click here to download and complete an application in Microsoft Word.

Please send your application and resume to Deidre Hoppe at .

For more details about volunteering or interning at CornerHouse, please contact Deidre Hoppe at 612-813-5937 or .

*You must be at least 18 years of age and pass a criminal background check to volunteer or intern at CornerHouse. We do not allow volunteers or interns in need of court-ordered community service hours.

CornerHouse is a Certified Service Enterprise

CornerHouse is pleased to announce that we have been certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise! A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills throughout their organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.

Learn more about volunteering at CornerHouse!

Read or download the CornerHouse volunteer brochure here.

Our Volunteers Say...

“From the moment I entered CornerHouse, I knew it was a place I wanted to spend time as a volunteer. I was greeted by everyone I met with such warmth and friendliness that I immediately felt welcome and that as a volunteer, my time spent there would be valued. As I toured the facility I was struck by what a calm and inviting place it was, particularly for a child of any age involved in a difficult and stressful situation.”

“All the previous experience I had, in terms of work in the community, had been centered on children who function in what would be their normal capacity with little attention to violence in the home. CornerHouse’s mission statement spoke volumes in terms of their position as a child advocate and standing to protect children and vulnerable adults. Their approach to sexual violence and the services they offer were what attracted me to the site.”